ATB Financial Alberta Stories Roadcase

Contribute to the story of music in Canada through digital storytelling!
Grades: K – 12
Curriculum Connections: Fine arts, ICT, language arts, social studies
Location: At your school
The contents of this Roadcase are available in English and French.




Roadcase bookings will resume in 2018. For more information, email

The ATB Financial Alberta Stories Roadcase is a travelling kit that provides Alberta schools with resources and technology to collect oral histories and record music in their communities. Whether documenting their accordion-playing grandmother or their school band, Alberta Stories encourages students to be interviewers, historians, sound engineers, and filmmakers through digital storytelling. The curriculum-based program gives students a better understanding their community, while they also learn about others. Their work will also feed into NMC’s oral history archive, which could be used for future museum exhibitions!

Alberta Stories Roadcase includes:

  • Bilingual teacher’s guide with lesson plans, worksheets, and helpful tips
  • Audio recorders and headphones
  • iPads equipped with special video cases

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“Walk on By” Credit: W. H. Cushing Workplace School, Calgary, AB



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