50 Days YYC reaches $10,000 goal

July 06, 2015

With just 32 backers, 50 Days YYC raised $10,175 through Kickstarter after a troubled start.

50 Days YYC, a new idea from the minds of a handful of local youth, is the city’s newest music festival. Spread out over 50 days, the music festival will feature one local act every day in a different venue. The objective: to create a music movement, one that builds community and helps showcase local artists, each representing a variety of genres.

For a city that already boasts some heavyweight music festivals (Calgary Folk Music Festival, Sled Island, Calgary International Blues Festival, and X-Fest, just to name a few) the music festival scene in Calgary already seems pretty healthy.

But 50 Days YYC claims to be something different. They have the support from numerous local brands in Calgary (Big Rock Brewery, for one) and their Kickstarter gave pledgers the opportunity to hone some creative control over the event. A pledge of $1,000 allowed for a sit-in on a 50 Days YYC meeting, with the chance to “add your two cents and help us create The Calgary Music Movement.” A pledge of $7,500 means a chance to help choose the lineup for the final show, Day 50.

In the beginning, 50 Days YYC had a very different approach to their marketing plan than the one leading up to the final days of their Kickstarter campaign. After a slew of negative comments on their Facebook page and other press, including one article by AUX writer Mark Teo, 50 Days YYC took down their initial marketing video. In its place is the short video below.

Promo video for 50 Days YYC.

After hitting their $10,000 goal, the momentum now seems positive. Congratulations have poured in from supporters on Facebook.



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