A Tribe Called Red says no to Canadian Museum for Human Rights gig, and Canadian icon turns 80.

September 22, 2014

Rights Fest Poster

A Tribe Called Red revoked their decision to play during the Canadian Museum for Human Rights concert in Winnipeg on Saturday citing “the museum’s misrepresentation and downplay of the genocide that was experienced by Indigenous people in Canada.”

The group made their decision public on Thursday and released a statement the following Friday expressing their concerns about the museum, maintain that until the matter “is rectified, we’ll support the museum from a distance.”

A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red play at NMC this past June. Credit: Brandon Wallis.

The CMHR followed the news with a statement encouraging the group to tour the museum space when they get the chance. The museum also says they place trust in the opportunity to engage in future dialogue and “respectful conversation on issues that historically haven’t been easy to talk about.”

The CBC reports that other aboriginal artists chose to perform during the concert as scheduled, saying they recognize the feelings of A Tribe Called Red and understand their reasons for opting out. J.C Campbell chose to play to maintain “an aboriginal presence at the museum’s opening weekend” while Buffy Saint-Marie offered support for A Tribe Called Red’s decision, and supports the use of the word “genocide” when referring to Indigenous mistreatment in Canada.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights Concert was part of a two-day music and arts festival event. Other performers during the weekend included Del Barber, Ashley MacIsaac, Shad, Bruce Cockburn, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Royal Canoe, and Ça Claque.

For anyone who couldn’t make it out to Winnipeg over the weekend, there’s a chance some festivities were had in the name of celebrating Leonard Cohen’s birthday at home, wherever the Leonard Cohen fans live.

Cohen turned 80 on Sunday, September 21, 2014.   Some wise words from fans and Canadian media were spread on Twitter to commemorate a Canadian favourite.   

Cohen’s most recent album Popular Problems will hit shelves this Tuesday, September 23.

Leonard Cohen – Almost Like the Blues (lyric)


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