Cap off the year by digging into the best of Saskatchewan music with In Tune 2017

December 18, 2017

What better way is there to end the year than by exploring a massive chunk of what one of Canada’s Prairie provinces has to offer? Often, provincial music industry associations will put together massive compilations as tools to nationally and internationally broadcast the depth and breadth of talent that exists back home. These compilations can be used to set up networking and industry contacts abroad, help communicate what kind of musical trends are going on in the province, and—this is most important—just be a really fantastic, free way for listeners to discover a huge amount of music you may have otherwise never heard.

SaskMusic, the provincial music industry association that represents Saskatchewan, has just recently released just one such compilation named In Tune 2017. You can listen to it directly on the SaskMusic Radio website, or through Spotify (one caveat is that not every track is available on Spotify). Saskatchewan, like many provinces across the country, never seems to find as much recognition as it deserves in the national conversation, but this playlist makes a major case for why that’s just not right. Of course, the major breakthrough of Regina’s indie folk darling Andy Shauf (who’s represented here by “The Magician”) may have been a step for the scene, but there’s so much more to look into.

Case in point: the thrashy, breakneck rock ‘n’ roll of Shooting Guns’ “French Safe;” Megan Nash’s transcendent pipes on the quietly furious, orchestral “Bad Poetry;” the spooky and doomed melancholy of “Healing Waters” by The Garrys; the sorrowful and sinewy bluegrass of “Every Man Needs a Chew” by The Dead South; Close Talker’s blissed out and gauzy indie pop on “Reptiles.” There are 40 tracks to get into here, so that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And if you’d like to follow along with the rest of the country’s music industry associations—it’s a great way to keep up to date on what’s going on around Canada—you can find a full list of them at the CIMA website.


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Matt Williams is a writer and photographer. Born and raised on the Prairies in Winnipeg, he’s slowly made his way farther and farther east, spending a few years covering music in Toronto before running clear out of country and ending up on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. In between, he’s made numerous detours, interviewing and photographing countless artists across North America and beyond. He heads up Amplify’s Instrumental series, where he talks with musicians about the relationships they’ve formed with their most important tools.

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