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May 15, 2017

Usually, industry type reports are pretty dry and a little… boring, honestly. But sometimes one comes along that’s kind of fun. For the second year in a row, SOCAN has invested some time and resources into figuring out what Canada’s Music Creator Growth Centres are, and they just released the information last week. This obviously has a lot to do with geography, which means if you’re a music creator living in one of these neighbourhoods, you’ve got a little something to back up your brags (or justifications) for putting roots down where you did. If you’re not living in one of them, well, that just makes you extra special for making tunes outside the established artsy ‘hoods.

The statistics were arrived at by, “analyzing the number of songwriters, composers and music publishers who became SOCAN members in the last calendar year in all Canadian areas with populations of more than 20,000.” The top 10 list isn’t much of a surprise. There are five neighbourhoods from Montreal and four neighbourhoods from Toronto, with North Grandview-Woodland in Vancouver taking the one top 10 spot for anywhere more western than Ontario. Top honours go to Toronto’s Trinity/Little Portugal neighbourhood, which I’d guess is less about rent and resources than it is about the delicious Portuguese egg tarts they sell around there. The first non-Ontario spot on the list is Montreal’s Rosemont neighbourhood, which comes in third.

But the coolest part is getting to see the top neighbourhoods in every province, because we’ve all heard enough about the music scenes in Toronto and Montreal to tide us over for a little while. What’s going on in Saskatchewan? The Queen City’s south end is the spot to be if you’re in the country’s flattest province. Nova Scotia’s musical hub isn’t beautiful Halifax or gritty Dartmouth, but is actually the Southwest Mainland. And Manitoba’s most tuneful ‘hood is River Heights East in Winnipeg, likely thanks to the city’s vibrant Osborne Village. If you don’t see your neighbourhood included, maybe it’s time to put it on the map.

Read the report here.

In Other News:

Festival Lineups:  Lone Butte, BC’s Metacocalypstick Fest, Gravenhurst, ON’s Sawdust City Music Festival, Winnipeg’s Interstellar Rodeo, Sudbury’s Up Here Festival, Ottawa’s Arboretum Festival, Toronto’s Camp Wavelength, Rock Creek, BC’s Ponderosa Festival, Wolfe Island Music Festival

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