Cops in Alberta and Saskatchewan battle rap (sorta) for road safety

November 30, 2015

Even before N.W.A. decided to tackle hip-hop’s relationship with law enforcement, the two have been, let’s say, a little at odds. Cops and rap haven’t exactly gone together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, they usually go together more like oil and water. But the police on the Prairies recently set out to show off their rhyming chops in the name of safe winter driving.

It, uhh… kind of worked. In the sense of bringing attention to the way you should be navigating poor, icy road conditions, the whole experiment has done its job. Quality hip-hop it is definitely not, but no one was about to hand over a JUNO to the RCMP anyway. It all began in with the Kindersley RCMP, who parodied Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby” and the whole thing snowballed (sorry) from there.

The participants so far have included:

Hopefully, that’ll be about it for cringeworthy rap PSAs from Canadian police, but we have a long winter here up north. Maybe next they’ll try highlighting the snowman laws in Souris, PEI, or the countrywide ban on comics depicting crime.


In Other News:

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