Digital Storytelling: Capturing stories in Winnipeg

February 02, 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking the ATB Financial Alberta Stories Roadcase on the road to Winnipeg for an exciting workshop with teachers from Island Lakes Community School in the Louis Riel School Division.

Over two days, teachers participated in the digital storytelling process including scripting, storyboarding, and using video-editing software such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and PowerPoint. They rummaged through their personal archives for family photos and videos and traversed the city taking pictures and collecting audio recordings of music and sound across Winnipeg.

Digital story courtesy of Darlene Kaskow.

After closely examining digital storytelling through their own creative process, the teachers learned techniques for rolling out the project to their grade 2 – 8 students. These students will become interviewers, journalists, sound engineers, filmmakers, and documentarians. The content collected and created by students will be submitted to NMC to feed its exhibitions and archives in order to share the story of music from across Canada.

“The students really enjoyed seeing what we had done! I think the videos have helped them form ideas about what they can do. Perhaps most importantly, they helped us as teachers truly understand the process that our students will have to work through.” – participating grade 7/8 teacher

Winnipeg teachers working 840Winnipeg teachers creating digital stories. Credit: Natalie Marsh.

Are you interested in bringing this project to your school? We offer teacher workshops for half-day, full-day, and multi-day experiences. To learn more, email us or join our teacher newsletter. Bring the power of music and storytelling to your school!

Winnipeg teachers 840Grade 2/3 teachers high-five. Another successful digital story! Credit: Natalie Marsh.

–Natalie Marsh, Education Outreach Coordinator 

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