Feist takes a load off some backs in her neighbourhood

September 28, 2015

Leslie Feist

Leslie Feist. Image from Facebook.

It’s one (huge) thing to have readily available medicine, but if you’re not able to transport it from point A to point B, you risk losing it. This is something that struck Canadian musician, Leslie Feist, as being an obvious problem during a recent trip to Malawi with medical research organization Dignitas International.

While she was there, she took part in a game of dodge ball with a group of HIV-infected kids at a “Teen Club” organized by Dignitas. It was there that she realized one of the major issues affecting this community was a difficulty getting their meds safely to and from school, so she organized a drive to collect backpacks in her neighbourhood and send them to those who could use them in Malawi.

In a statement on her Facebook page, Feist stressed that Dignitas doesn’t really do this kind of thing: “This isn’t the kind of work Dignitas International does—they are all about hard science, frontline care and high impact research. Getting backpacks to kids, on the other hand, was a small thing that I could organize.”

Feist also mentioned she’d been “touched by the overwhelming response to promote a small local initiative,” but that the best way to “amplify the impact”—now that the backpack run has been a confirmed success—is to make a donation to Dignitas International, who are the force behind the Teen Club programs. You can make that donation here.


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