How’d You Get That Awesome Gig, Sarah Blackwood?!

Name: Sarah Blackwood

Occupation: Musician

Location: Burlington, ON 

First Job: A paper route when I was 10.

Best Job: Being a musician. I also am a certified yoga instructor – that's an awesome job too.

Greatest Professional Challenge: Deciding to follow my dreams instead of doing something I would end up never loving.

So, how did you get this awesome gig anyways? I worked my ass off for at least 10 years. I learned everything I could about all aspects of the industry. I kept an open mind and was alright with change. I stepped up to my fears, looked them right in the eye, knocked them down one by one and continued to get smarter and stronger every day.

What do you like best about your job? I get to travel and see the world while doing what I love. That is pretty great. I also get to do what I love when I am not travelling, which is also pretty rad.

Any special skills required? Yes. You have to be tough as nails. You have to be able to live out of a suitcase for a majority of your life. You have to have a clear head, otherwise it will fuck with your sanity and you will end up beaten, broken and maybe even dead. Just like any other job really.

Favourite experience on the job: The experiences I have had are not those that can be put in any category. It is truly impossible for me now to pick one amazing experience that I have had. There have been too many! In the end, I am happy that I have been able to experience EVERYTHING that I have experienced.

Advice for people who want your awesome gig: Don't think it will be easy. Ever. And don't think it will last forever. It won't. If you don't have the desire to learn every aspect of this job, then quit now, because you will never make a career out of this. If you are in it to get drunk for free and have lots of sex, by all means, get out there! But that gets old, and so will you.

Favourite CDN Music Venue: Massey Hall.

Favourite Record of the Moment: Regina Spektor's What We Saw From The Cheap Seats.

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