Mint Records releases new comp on cassette

November 24, 2014


Get ‘em while they’re hot!

In a big step forward (or is it backward?) Vancouver-based Mint Records has released their brand new compilation on cassette.

Dubbed the Hot Heros compilation, the cassettes are nothing less than an indie music dream, featuring tracks from bands across Canada, with songs from Renny Wilson, Tough Age, and Weird Candle.

Mint Records asked bands to contribute their favourite songs to the compilation, and to suggest tracks from other bands they thought would make a good fit for the compilation.

The cassettes are coordinated to resemble sandwich condiments in the appropriately coloured red, green, and yellow.


With a total of 15 tracks, many of which are previously unreleased, Hot Heros is in high demand but short supply—only 300 cassettes have been made. Mint Records is giving away 50 free copies at their Ridiculously Early Xmas Party next Saturday, November 29 at the Electric Owl. The compilation is also available for streaming for those of us unlucky to be in the Vancouver area.

The curious move to release their newest compilation on cassette cements Mint Records place as one of the most interesting indie labels in Canada. Campus radio volunteers at the University of British Columbia founded the label in 1991, before moving on to support big name acts like Neko Case, The New Pornographers, and Nardwuar. The New Pornographers reached success under Mint Records with their 2006 Twin Cinema release, which was short listed for the Polaris Music Prize.  

Ah, yes, Nardwuar, “the human serviette.”

Start digging out your Sony Walkman’s now before Hot Heros is gone!


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–Leyland Bradley 

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