Music Gave To Me: A Musical Marriage!

What has music given to me? My husband!
One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is in a record store. Used record stores are especially fun because there's that palatable sense of anticipation in hopes to discover that rare find. Some of you may remember Tramps Music – there were several of them around Calgary and I used to frequent all of them. Boxing day was the jackpot with everything 50% off. My brother and I would visit each one and come home with bushels full of CDs.
I became a familiar face to the staff at Tramps and one day, one of the managers asked me if I wanted to meet him for a drink. With a smile, I said yes. Fast forward a few years and we have just recently married!  
So next time you're in a record store, looking for that out of print Nina Simone, you just might discover a far rarer find. 

– Candace Elder

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