Music Gave To Me: A way to express myself!

My relationship with music is a torrid affair. Sometimes it’s great, other times it takes away from homework and chores. I have always been around music, and growing up I was fed a steady diet of The Clash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cheap Trick and Mötley Crüe. My mom was less of a rocker, and played me classical CDs and Elvis. I would sing along to Disney movies or musicals on TV – anything really.
I was eight when I started playing piano, and I was so driven to start, but once I did, I hated it. The theory was awful, but I took to it like a fish to water. I learned to read music within months, but I hated to practice, and my teachers would always chide me about it.
I was a lazy kid when it came to practicing.
However, I kept on playing because my grandmother loved hearing me play. Even now if I tinker on the ivory keys she opens the door from the basement to the upper level of the house to hear me play. I first tried to learn how to play guitar when I was eleven, but I couldn’t press the strings down hard enough so I gave up. I have started again and have only been playing for a year, but I have discovered yet again the joys of playing music for others.

Music is a universal language that everyone speaks, and it’s a way to express and free yourself from daily stresses. It’s the best outlet I have for expressing myself, and for that, I am grateful. Especially to my parents who pushed me to keep on going and the National Music Centre for giving me a place to play and learn with instructors and other students.
I was nervous at first when it came to Guitar Club, I couldn’t play that well and I thought everyone would judge me. This was not even close to the case. I was nervous because I was a beginner going with intermediate students, but I learned quickly that it wasn’t about who was the best player. The instructors encouraged us to learn at our own pace and were very patient with everyone, and they created an environment where every player can feel comfortable regardless of skill level.
I love going to Guitar Club! I get a chance to learn new things every time I go, jam with other student and express myself. As well as I get to look at the pianos, keyboards and organs. Guitar Club is a great program and the people involved with it are very nice. I love this program a lot.  Thank you to NMC for giving me a place to play and giving me a chance to form a sense of community with the students and staff who go there.
– Kyra Kelly

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