Music News Monday: Alan Cross wants YOU, and the ‘tour tax’ is no more!

Jul 07, 2014

Good news this week for music journalists and small music venues.

Alan Cross put out a call earlier this week for entertainment writers and would-be music journalists to contribute to Flink—an online content sharing platform based out of Toronto.

On his official website, Cross says the open call for writers to publish their stuff on Flink was answered earlier this year, although anyone outside the Toronto-area was not able to make it to an information session.

Anyone who wants to contribute still can, provided they register in advance for the online Thursday evening recruitment session.

Click here for more information about registration.

Almost a year ago, smaller music venues in Canada were nervous about the idea of a ‘tour tax’—a fee for bringing in international acts to play at music venues.
However, in a collective sigh of relief, the federal government threw the tour tax out on June 24 of this year.

The fee was placed on all venues, no matter the size of the venue or how ‘big’ the musical act is, meaning the Palomino would pay the same price for a band from Missouri, as the Saddledome for bringing in, say, Katy Perry.

Obvious problem here: the Palomino is a much smaller venue compared to the Saddledome.

Reaction to the axed tax is overwhelming positive:

As some have said on twitter about the success of the axed tax: LET’S DANCE!

– Leyland Bradley 

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