Music News Monday: Country music legends get their own stamp, and WCMA gets new Executive Director

Aug 11, 2014

k.d. lang, Shania Twain, Renée Martel, Hank Snow, and Tommy Hunter are the faces of a new stamp collection from Canada Post. 

Canadian country music artist stamps from Canada Post.
Available only until December 25, a new series of stamps are now available featuring five great Canadian country music artists.
The collection is diverse, featuring a mix of Franco and Anglo-Country music artists, some of which are still producing music and touring.
CBC News reports the stamp unveiling took place with Tommy Hunter in attendance in his hometown of London, ON. Hunter called the experience a “big thrill.”
Hunter is best known for his radio show The Tommy Hunter Show first aired in 1960 on CBC Radio before replacing Country Hoedown on CBC Television in 1965. The Tommy Hunter Show continued on CBC Television until 1992 when it was cancelled.
See the entire stamp collection here.
You can purchase the entire collection, along with postcards and limited edition framed prints fromCanada Post.


BreakOut West 2014 coming to Winnipeg.
Exciting news for the Western Canadian Music Alliance—their new Executive Director, Robyn Stewart has joined the team.
The WCMA released a statement saying the new hire comes “just in time for the 2014 BreakOut West and Western Canadian Music Awards.”
Stewart has an interesting history with the WCMA. She worked at the Prairie Music Awards back in 2001, where she applied her skills to a number of different roles. The Prairie Music Awards would later become the Western Canadian Music Alliance a few years later.
Stewart would later move to Vancouver where she worked with the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Committee as the Celebration Sites Coordinator.
Read more about Stewart’s experience in the industry here, and be sure to check out more information about this year’s BreakOut West.
BreakOut West and the Western Canadian Music Awards will be held in Winnipeg this year from October 2-5.

Calgary’s 90.3 AMP Radio is looking to cut the songs they play in half.
AUX.TV says the station says they made the decision to cater to listeners’ modern “short attention spans” as a way to “redefine how conventional stations play music.”
The decision is not the station’s independent idea. They use a format called Quickhitz that promises to double the number of songs in an hour that a radio station can play, churning out 24 songs every 60 minutes.
This also means radio ads are shortened too, from 30 seconds to 15.
The news caused a stir with Calgary based artist Jann Arden. She took to Twitter to publicly denounce the radio station and their decision, citing artistic expression.


This isn’t the first time AMP Radio has been in the news this year.

You might remember AMP Radio as the station that planned to burn $15,000 cash this past March. The station initiated a contest to encourage listeners to vote whether or not the cash be awarded to one lucky person, or see that the money be completely incinerated.
$5,000 was burnt before enough outcry ensued to stop the continuation altogether.

Footage of the $5,000 cash turning to ash. 

– Leyland Bradley 

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