Music News Monday: Grimes bounces back, New Pornographers drummer leaves band

September 15, 2014

Grimes_1024pxScreenshot from Grimes’ new video “Go.”

It’s been a few tough months both personally and professionally for the Vancouver-based artist, Grimes, a.k.a. Claire Boucher, but it looks like Grimes is moving on.

After a slew of bad news circling her scrapped album, her poorly received single, and some backlash about her refusal to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge, Grimes released her “Bedtime Mix” for radio host Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1 earlier today.

Give a listen here.

Grimes’ anticipated new album to follow-up her hugely successful 2012 release Visions has been scrapped after Grimes claimed her new material “sucked.”

“Go”—originally written for Rihanna, only to be rejected by the pop star—has not been received well by her fans. Released in July, the song was dubbed ‘too radio-friendly’ and ‘too pop’ for her fans taste. The single stirred a few to vocalize their disappointment with her new musical direction altogether.

Grimes – Go ft. Blood Diamonds

As for her ASL ice bucket challenge refusal: SPIN reports( she announced her decision to not participate via Tumblr. She told her followers her refusal was rooted in concern for the California water drought and the ASL Association’s animal testing practices.

While Grimes isn’t immune to the barrage of bad news recently—she tweeted that the album scrapping took place months before major entertainment news reported it—she is making it known she’ll be just fine…

Also, if you’re interested, some fans have started a petition to release a DJ set Grimes put together for Richie Hawtin’s Boiler Room music series. The petition is available here.


Just weeks after the release of their critically acclaimed album Brill Bruisers, drummer and founding member of the New Pornographers, Kurt Dahle, has decided to leave the band.

A statement from the official NP website says they “wish him the best” and “Everything is still full steam ahead with the band and we look forward to continued rocking and singing of songs.”

“Full steam ahead” likely means the New Pornographers are still committed to completing the remaining North American/European tour dates this year.

The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers

Full tour dates here.

– Leyland Bradley 

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