Music News Monday: Halifax Pop Explosion lineup to be announced and Hollerado gets historical


The Halifax Pop Explosion will be announcing their lineup from their official HFX Festival Bus this Wednesday, August 14. Making stops at every venue for this year, the bus will travel the yearly route downtown along some of Halifax’s most notable streets. Thus far the official Halifax Pop Explosion website released just a few names for the line-up, including American comedian Brian Posehn, Toronto’s Kashka, and Grammy award winner Killer Mike. Haligonians will recognize hometown artists Crosss and Dark for Dark on this year’s lineup as well.
Last year, the music festival announced its 20th Anniversary Celebration with the reunion of great Canadian bands such as The Super Friendz and Stratejakets.

The Halifax Pop Explosion is an internationally acclaimed music festival and conference featuring nearly 200 artists in venues around the city for five days. Wristbands are available now from the official HPX website. Festival starts October 22–26.
Juno award winning Ottawa band Hollerado recently made Canadian music news headlines with a story about lead singer Menno Versteeg’s encounter with the descendant of the Nazi SS officer who spared the life of Versteeg’s grandfather, Karel—a Dutch resistance member during the Second World War.
Karel was captured and imprisoned along with other Dutch resistance fighters in 1942 and held in solitary confinement for two years. As the story goes, Karel’s life was saved as he could have faced execution if it hadn’t been for a personal encounter with his captor—a police officer who later became the head of German counterintelligence—and the conversations they had about their own situations. From this grew a mutual understanding and respect for each other.
The Nazi officer would later be put on trial for war crimes but was not punished due to Karel’s personal testimony.
Menno was able to get in contact with the grandson of the SS officer. The phone conversation and in-person meeting are recorded as part of the ten minute longform “So It Goes” video.

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