Music News Monday: How bad are things really for Robin Thicke? (Caution: coarse language)

Jul 14, 2014

A screenshot taken from Robin Thicke’s video for “Get Her Back.”

News about Robin Thicke’s new album Paula hasn’t been good, with reports of fewer than 550 copies sold in Canada in its first week, and a whopping 54 copies sold in Australia.

54 copies seems pretty dismal. Yahoo! News reported that those 54 copies were sold prior to the album’s release date, which, I mean, doesn’t sound so bad after all, I guess, right?

One Australian man set upon a quest to find the 54 people who bought the album.

Comparisons between Paula and last years smash Blurred Lines are everywhere, trying to make the point that Paula will never reach the level of success that Blurred Lines did.

Robin Thicke – “Get Her Back”

It was only last week that VH1 enabled a Q&A session for fans to ask Thicke their “burning questions” using #AskThicke as a hanshtage on Twitter.

Some questions were humorous.

Many tweets took to asking Thicke rhetorical questions regarding last year’s “Blurred Lines” video.

Other tweets were just plain mean:

#AskThicke tweets are still being submitted.

The Wedge, MuchMusic’s alternative music program that began in the early 90s has been cancelled again.

Host of the show and band member of Fucked Up, Damian Abraham, released a tweet just last week about the cancellation.

It’s a heavy loss considering The Wedge had been cancelled in 2010 before it’s resurrection in 2011.

Exclaim! reports that it is unclear whether new episodes will air before the show stops completely.

– Leyland Bradley 

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