Music News Monday: Leonard Cohen album for September, Kandi-ban in effect.

Aug 18, 2014

Leonard Cohen 2187″ by Rama – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0-fr via Wikimedia Commons

Leonard Cohen is set to release another all-new material album late in September after his 80th birthday.CBC Music says the announcement came during the Leonard Cohen Event 2014 in Dublin, Ireland—a fan-organized convention in its 7th year.

Titled Popular Problems, most of the album’s known details are coming from Jarkko Ariatsalo, a gentleman responsible for curating Cohen’s authorized fan site and the community behind The Leonard Cohen Event. Rolling Stone kept in contact with Ariatsalo, in which Ariatsalo stated there are no known tour plans. Having just returned from a world tour in 2012-2013 for his album Old Ideas, fans may have to sit tight to see Cohen on the road once again in the near future.

And what does the album art look like? @DrHGuy tweeted the supposed cover art just earlier this morning.

@DrHGuy’s official website—an unofficial Cohen fan site—declares the album for presale online fromStereo Studio—a Danish music and entertainment chain store.

Tighter restrictions were in place at Toronto’s Mad Decent Block Party electronic dance music festival last Friday, as event organizers Mad Decent Block Party (MDBP) published a list on their official websitedeclaring items such as masks, laser pointers, LED gloves, and stuffed animals prohibited.

It’s been dubbed an ‘anti-kandi trend,’ and its been in effect at other EDM festivals in the United States since the number of recent deaths and hospitalizations are growing too numerous to ignore.

‘Kandi’ or a ‘kandi kid’ is most recognizable in the EDM genre or rave scene. The association with Kandi kids as users of illicit party drugs such as MDMA and ecstasy spurred the ban on festivalgoers appearances as a way to combat the number the number of potential deaths and injuries.

Recent news in Canada surrounding the number of drug overdoses and deaths at EDM events has encouraged the ban as well. Pemberton and Boonstock are just two examples from this summer.

The ban on kandi related appearances has some people criticizing the solution as short-term and ineffective for those who choose to self-express in kandi attire.

According to Dance Music Northwest, Shambhala music and arts Festival takes a different approach: “Shambhala has not completely embraces or condoned drug use. They just have their security go after the drug dealers, not the users. Trafficking is their main goal.” Shambhala chose not to ban kandi-related attire, and instead set-up onsite drug testing for anyone who isn’t certain they got what they paid for.

MDBP still has a few more cities to host their parties in the upcoming weeks. The complete list of tour dates for future MDBP cities is available here.

–Leyland Bradley 

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