Music News Monday: Lethbridge loves vinyl—Love & Records another success!

Lethbridge alt radio station CKXU 88.3 FM held their third ever Love & Records music festival last Saturday in Galt Gardens, Lethbridge, AB to a record-breaking crowd of enthusiastic music lovers and community members alike. Love & Records stands as Southern Alberta’s only outdoor record fair, bringing the Lethbridge and area community together with new possibilities.

Promo documentary by Diego Paulino of CKXU, featuring NMC’s Tyler Stewart and Chad Saunders (squeee!!).
Love & Records is always free to enter with various food and music vendors throughout the park. Music selection is not limited to vinyl and selection is not limited to just music (Scary Spice doll, anyone? Just $20!) Live entertainment this year included Five Alarm Funk, Black Mastiff, Day Walker, Mathew Robinson, Stars from Streetlights, Taiko Drumming, Alyssa McQuaid, Andrew Scott, Bent Eight, and Junkman’s Choir. 

Five Alarm Funk at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues festival 2010.
CKXU Station Manager Aaron Trozzo said this year was their best yet, “To be honest, we didn’t really anticipate that many people on that level, which is great! That’s not to say we weren’t ready —we were!”
The more the merrier, indeed—estimated headcount this year topped in the thousands. This is way up from the first Love & Records in 2011 with an estimated attendance of 500 Lethbians.
Trozzo says much of the success this year could be in part to a number of things, the beer gardens being one. This is the second year Love & Records incorporated a beer garden, “The beer gardens were a wild success. All of our station vinyl we had out for sale just went flying too. We had to restock our supply.”

Beautiful day, big crowd, beer, and funky beats from Five Alarm Funk. Credit: Brandon Wallis

All profit made from Love & Records is put back into the funding for next year’s Love & Records, as well as other project initiatives. Trozzo is optimistic that the next couple years for Love & Records will turn out more interest as it continues to increase in size. Plans for next year include a possibility to take up more space within the park. Since its inception Love & Records has only ever taken one quarter of the space within Galt Gardens.
With a final thought, Trozzo affirms, “In the end, it’s not about making a buck—It’s about growing and incubating culture within Lethbridge. This way, Love & Records can continue to be essentially self-sustainable.”
The National Music Centre made their second appearance at Love & Records, with a booth of information about the construction of the new building in the East Village and a few rad musical artifacts from the collection for people to check out. Included for display was an organ roller, an Edison wax cylinder player, and a Theremin.

NMC's Marketing Communications Coordinator Brandon Wallis enjoying the sights and sounds from the information booth. Credit: Leyland Bradley

What’s a Theremin?

Leon Theremin playing his own instrument.

It was arguably the most interest-bearing object the NMC offered for the day. I should know because I was there. Some people just wanted to know where the whale noises were coming from. Fair enough.

Leyland Bradley

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