Music News Monday: Pono Kickstarter a wild success, and Massey Hall hosts indie icons The National.

Neil Young talks with Forbes' Zack O’Malley Greenburg about how the Pono Kickstarter campaign managed to raise millions.
Change is the only constant, especially in the music industry. This week is a round up of improvements and revitalization.
Neil Young’s officially launched the Pono player last week at SXSW as part of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to take the revolutionary audio device to market.
Young, the founder of the device, is delighted with the wide and enthusiastic response, saying the Pono is meant to make music sound the way it is intended.
Buzz has been generating about the Pono for years, although the recent launch has proved to be more successful than some imagined. As of Sunday, March 16, the campaign has raised more than four times the necessary funds.
The required amount is $800,000. Digital Trends says more than $2.5 million was raised after 60 hours.
The Pono campaign incudes an 11-minute video featuring Sting, James Taylor, and Elton John, among others, who weigh-in after listening to the Pono player.

PONO Kickstarter video.

For as long as they’ve been on the market, the iPod and iTunes has been synonymous with the world of digital music. While the iPod and other personal audio players are known for a user-friendly format, aesthetics, and sophistication, no personal audio players have yet to generate a buzz for sound quality as much as the Pono has. 

The Pono doesn’t even try to look pretty; a fact evidence by its school bus yellow, triangular appearance, but that’s okay. Maybe sound quality will suddenly be a priority for audio devices instead of appearances.


Brooklyn-based band, The National, as they are expected to grace one of Canada’s best performance spaces, the historical Massey Hall, in Toronto next month.

Massey Hall. Credit: Stephen Chung
Massey Hall is a natural fit for the band. While The National explores musical depth with every new album (see their most recent album Trouble Will Find Me), Massey Hall is currently in the transformation process as well.
Massey Hall is in its first series of a major two-part revitalization. The process began in 2013 after The City of Toronto Heritage Preservation Board approved the alterations.
Details about the revitalization process are available on Massey Halls's website here. More recent details about the process are said to be available very shortly this year.
Massey Hall’s history goes back to the last 1880s when, according to the official Massey Hall website, Hart Massey built an auditorium for the arts and the arts community. It’s been established as a site of cultural and historical significance ever since.
The National is donating one dollar from every ticket to Partners In Health to help alleviate poverty and disease around the world. Tickets are available here.
UK’s Daughter will be the opening act all three nights in Toronto from April 9–11.
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