Music News Monday: St. Catharines school receives $30,000 for new instruments

May 25, 2015

DSBN Academy, a secondary school in St. Catharines experienced the gift of music last week, with the help of Music Canada, MusiCounts, and Partridge Wealth Management. The school received $30,000 for the purchase of new instruments for the school’s music program through fundraising efforts during Hockey Night in St. Catharines 2014. DSBN Academy celebrated the news with an unveiling ceremony on Thursday, with a special performance from Saskatoon band, The Sheepdogs.

Students, staff, and special guests from MusiCounts, The United Way, Music Canada, and Rick Dykstra, Member of Parliament for St. Catharines and organizer for Hockey Night in St. Catharines, were in attendance. The total number of people reached 350, bringing together guests from a neighboring school, Westland Secondary School. Both Westland and DSBN Academy are recipients of support from MusiCounts’ Band Aid Program—a funding initiative to support the purchase of musical instruments for schools across the country.

MP Rick Dykstra congratulated the organizations that made the event possible, adding, “Getting instruments into the hands of young people and giving them the gift of music is something that will enrich them all of their lives.”


The Sheepdogs were made famous in 2011, when they graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine during the “Choose the Cover” contest as the first unsigned act in the magazine’s history, and are three-time JUNO-Award winners. Their song “I Don’t Know” won Single of the Year at the 2012 JUNO Awards.


The Sheepdogs – “I Don’t Know”

Urging the support of music education for youth, Sheepdogs lead singer Ewan Currie commented that “(music is) something that we should all have in our lives, especially when growing up.”

Since 1989, MusiCounts has been funding youth music education in Canada through scholarship awards, after-school programs, and supporting the purchase of musical instruments.

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