Music News Monday: The Sheepdogs, Metallica and the Comeback of Cassette Tapes?

CBC Calgary had a nice tidy feature on the comeback of the cassette tape, mentioning a number of bands in Calgary focused on releasing cassettes including NMC’s very own Chris Dadge and his band Lab Coast. They’re not the only ones doing it though, with tons or Alberta bands releasing tapes over the past while on labels like Revolution Winter & Bart Records or Old Ugly.
Canadian vintage rockers The Sheepdogs are finally releasing their full-length on Atlantic Records, one of the rewards of their victory during last summer’s Rolling Stone Choose The Cover Contest. The self-titled record’s first single is called “The Way It Is” and you can check out the hilarious video for it here.
If you’re a Metallica fan, they’ve got not one, not two, but three shows coming up in Vancouver – with tickets for the last show priced at a cheap $5 each. However, the catch is that you’ll have to put up with them filming for their 3D movie in the works, so that means plenty of time between songs moving cameras and such. At least all the proceeds are going to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.
Upcoming new releases announced last week include Ladyhawk’s new album “No Can Do” (check out the brilliant cover art here), and Aidan Knight’s “Small Reveal”, who will be playing the stage here at the National Music Centre on October 20 just days before the record hits shelves.
Finally, you’ve likely heard that Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are tying the knot. Here’s a great article summarizing the five best reactions to the news.

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