Music News Monday: the smalls reunite for big shows, Toronto festival cancelled.

Alberta homegrown heroes and heavy metal punk band the smalls are reuniting this summer for X-Fest in Calgary and Sonic Boom Festival in Edmonton.

The Smalls – “Payload”

According to The Calgary Herald, Corb Lund says, “(The Smalls have) been lightly addressing the idea for a couple of years now, and it seemed right.”

Corb Lund and the smalls fans alike can check out their first reunion show since disbanding in 2001.

the smalls took to Twitter to announce their reunion and made an announcement video.


the smalls are back unearthed an interesting story about the smalls and their connection to Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger. Read about it here.

Toronto experienced issues and an eventual cancellation with the former E-Day Island Fest scheduled for June 1.

Organized by the Men’s Right Group, The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), The Huffington Post reports E-Day supposedly was meant to “celebrate equal parenting” and “celebrate the gains made in advancing social equality” with specific support for a failed “shared parenting” amendment for Bill C-560.

Plenty of support was generated from big sponsors Kronenbourg and Jaegermeister. Musical acts for the one-day festival included Spookey Ruben and The Mahones.

Enough negative comments, emails, and protest about E-Day resulted in the cancellation of the event when news surfaced of the CAFE’s affiliation with American-based anti-feminist group A Voice For Men. They may be best known for their campaign “Don’t be that girl,” about girls lying about sexual assault in response to the “Don’t be that guy” campaign about women experiencing sexual assault.

Spookey Ruben took to Twitter to express his relief over the event cancellation, while Jaegermeister Canada stated they did not approve their sponsorship of the festival.

Yelp pulled the event off their site, and the E-Day Tumblr vanished as well.

A search for evidence of CAFE holding their festival anyways will drum up a single tweet:

No need to weep for Toronto cancelling one festival—The Grid lists an ultimate guide for GTA peeps to check out the awesome festivals they’ve got this summer, with the encouragement that “they just need a Metropass” to have fun in the city this summer.

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