Music News Monday: VOTE

October 19, 2015


The most important thing you could possibly do today is to go vote in the federal election. Go ahead and skip work, school, dates, funerals, weddings, or any appointments if you have to, and go vote. Voting is really easy and makes sure our government reflects what the majority of the country believes in (hopefully).

Many Canadian musicians are particularly outspoken about this election, and although politically-charged music is nothing new, it sure makes things interesting during an election campaign.

This election has produced its fair share of protest songs. Though these tunes, regardless of which way the lyrics lean, are often cheesy and a bit hackneyed, this year has brought us two especially good additions to the protest tune catalogue—one from Blue Rodeo, and another from Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde’s coast-to-coast team up.

Not all of them have come out singin’, though. Musicians who’ve felt the need to make public statements in other arenas range from the obvious—like dependably outspoken Neil Young, to artists like Grimes, who might be prone to making important statements, but make them few and far between. In addition to the odd song here or there, entire shows have been organized in opposition to the Conservatives, such as the recent concert in Toronto put on by the #ImagineOct20 movement.

Whether or not you’re into protest songs doesn’t really matter. Voting is an important way to exercise your rights as a Canadian citizen. Make sure you head to the polls on October 19, because one thing remains true every election: if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.

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