National Music Centre Achieves Recognized Museum Designation for Studio Bell

September 16, 2019

Studio Bell is now a recognized museum. Photo credit: Jeremy Bittermann.  

The National Music Centre (NMC) is proud to announce that it is the latest institution in Alberta to receive the Recognized Museum designation from the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) for its award-winning facility, Studio Bell.

This is an exciting time for NMC because earning this designation demonstrates that it is committed to maintaining standards of professional practice and to ensuring that it plays a strong and important role within the community.

NMC voluntarily participated in the Recognized Museum Program offered by the AMA, which involved providing evidence to a panel of museum professionals that demonstrated how the institution meets the AMA’s Definition of a Museum.

“Over a decade ago, we embarked on a journey to build a home for music in Canada located in Alberta,” said Andrew Mosker, President and CEO, NMC. “Now open since 2016, we are proud to be living our vision as an organization, enriching the lives of our visitors through music and drawing cultural tourism to the city.”

Visitors to the National Music Centre can now look for the easily recognizable Recognized Museum logo, which identifies the institutions in the province that offer a quality museum experience.

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