National Music Centre building shortlisted for 2014 WAN Civic Buildings Award

September 18, 2014

An artistic rendering of the building detail at night.

An artistic rendering of the building detail at night.

The new National Music Centre, and its architectural design team at Allied Works Architecture, continue to receive attention for their visionary design. Last week, at a design competition in Amsterdam, the National Music Centre was shortlisted for the 2014 WAN Civic Buildings Award.

“This is a great achievement given the wide, international reach of this award and number of applicants,” said Chelsea Grassinger, associate principal at Allied Works Architecture, noting that there were 1,379 entries across all categories.

As World Architecture News (WAN) reports: “Each of these handpicked projects had been selected for its architect’s understanding of what it means to be truly ‘civic’, through a rigorous process taking into account scale, context, and justification of form.”

The panel of judges was particularly impressed with how the building “‘materialised the immaterial’ concept of music” and the inclusion of the restoration of the historic King Edward Hotel. WAN also mentioned that the “idea of preservation seemed to resonate positively with the panel, who saw the importance of a ‘sympathetic relationship’ between the existing and new to ‘enforce each other’s strengths.’”

This isn’t the first time the new National Music Centre building has received attention from the international architecture community. In February of 2014, NMC was recognized at Architect Magazine’s P/A Awards, which recognizes unbuilt projects demonstrating overall design excellence and innovation.

The National Music Centre was one of 10 projects out of 150 submissions to be recognized, and was one of three to receive an award. It was the only Canadian project among the winners.

“We’ve entered some awards in the United Stares and Canada, but the WAN Civic Buildings Award puts the design on a higher playing field,” said Grassinger. “We are putting the design up against the international architectural community. When it was shortlisted, the pool was much bigger. You’re competing against everyone.”

–Julijana Capone




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Julijana Capone

Originally from Winnipeg, Julijana is NMC’s senior publicist and the managing editor of Amplify. In addition to her role at NMC, she is the founder of Light of Day Publicity, a company she formed to promote the work of emerging Canadian artists.

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