New Release Tuesday: Aidan Knight - ‘Small Reveal’

Aidan Knight is a beautiful artist, and creates genuinely enjoyable music. Music that reflects simple ideas with grace. The orchestral tones and layers of instrumentation give body to a structure that benefits from its bareness in some moments, just as well as its fullness in others. There is a richness that builds throughout the album as well, and Knight uses a variety of techniques that morphs more traditional sounds with layers of thick beats and synthesized sounds, merging themes within tracks, themes that echo throughout the album.
Small Reveal uses small instrumental moments throughout the album. They create pauses that give flow in between tracks, almost as if the “Small Reveals” are the transitions between scenes. The pieces are earnest – but interesting and simple enough to not seem contrived. Knight is relatable and tracks like “Margaret Downe” showcase his songwriting skills. He speaks of things that might be beyond his years, but he does so with the same genuine care that any storyteller has for their subject. Knight has strong folk tendencies but with a contemporary appreciation for the blending of genres and melding tendencies from various musical avenues.
One of the most refreshing things on Small Reveal is the level of appreciation and attention given to the various players. Songs like “Creatures Great and Small” and “The Master's Call” play to their strengths, allowing each part and each player to forge a sound of their own, and then all folding together to create a distinct piece.
Small Reveal is an interesting album that is worth more than one listen. In some sections, there is so much happening it forces you to pause and listen. Throughout there are moments of spareness that provides the opportunity to get lost in the simplicity of what is happening. This is an album that truly creates a rounded listening experience. Check out the video trailer for the album below.

 – Jenn Prosser

Jennifer Prosser is a Lethbridge resident, and a born and raised Albertan. A blogger, social media coordinator, and freelance journalist – her work can be found on and on Twitter @JProssa

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