New Release Tuesday: Hannah Georgas - ‘Hannah Georgas’

For Those Who Like: Rilo Kiley, Postal Service, Imogen Heap, Holden Caulfield, The Breakfast Club.
There is always that point in a long road trip where you and your vehicle of slightly snappy, possibly hung-over crew will spot a candy store, double back and load up on delights that could (and should) last for days. Hannah Georgas' new self-titled album is a little like that candy oasis. A Canadian indie darling from her first full-length release in 2010, Georgas has been a favourite of CBC Radio 3 for good reason. She creates genuine pop albums that are really very good.
In some ways, Hannah Georgas is not too much different than her previous release This Is Good. There is a solid pop sensibility that melts in your mouth. Georgas unabashedly delivers an album that makes you remember a foolish romance, a movie night with pals or clichéd long walks in chilly weather. It wraps you in a big, bright and highly fashionable scarf.
Shiny synths back darker, more personal lyrics on an album that is a little lost love, a lot of coming of age and all held together by her incredible voice. There is even an F-bomb thrown in every now and again for good measure, just to give those CBC listeners something to giggle over internally. There’s no two ways about it, this album is catchy. It’s filled with electro-pop beats and Georgas’ fabulous voice that makes you wish you had one just like it, and wish that someone with a voice like this would whisper into your ear.
There is a sexiness to it that doesn't pretend to be anything but. The lyrics – whether about heartbreak, about longing for success, about new loves or one-night loves, are all perfectly relatable. It is easy to imagine pals singing along to “Enemies” in a car, a solo living room dance session to “Shortie” or a teen staring at their phone with “Somebody” playing in a loop as a self-proclaimed soundtrack. The pop sound also allows for a true sincerity to come through, and it does so clearly in “Ode to Mom”.
This album is rife with singles, with catchy personal anthems and above all, with relatable pop gems. It will no doubt appear on many 2012 mix tapes. If people still do that, that is.

Stream “Robotic” below and catch Hannah on tour with Mother Mother in the coming months, including a stop in Calgary at the Jubilee Auditorium on December 8.

 – Jenn Prosser

Jennifer Prosser is a Lethbridge resident, and a born and raised Albertan. A blogger, social media coordinator, and freelance journalist – her work can be found on and on Twitter @JProssa

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