New Release Tuesday: Mother Mother - “The Sticks”

(Photo: Matt Bourne)

Interested in listening to a well-crafted piece of conceptual art? As the songs from Mother Mother’s new Last Gang Records release The Sticks draw you in a little deeper with each track, you’ll find this is the type of album that could last in your rotation for a significant length of time.
Ryan Guldemond’s smooth, androgynous voice glides over pop-catchy melodies and intriguing lyrics, making you feel like you’re listening to a classic piece of music history on this album full of quality timelessness feel. It has all the favorite stylistic ingredients; it’s rock, it’s catchy pop, it’s folk, a touch of funk, and little bit of gothic grunge for extra flavor.
If you’ve never heard the band, don’t let the first track “The Omen” fool you – it’s only an introduction to the beautiful and deranged world of human tragicomedy the albumtakes you to. At first, you’re not sure what you’re hearing, but it’s intriguing and you want to know more. The title track hits with a roundhouse kick to any preconceptions you might have had, with a dark, grinding rock swagger that struts through your senses on a hypnotic melody that is ambitious and soulful.
By this time you’re hooked on the concept and wondering what’s next. “Let’s Fall In Love” answers that call with a chorus hook that’s so rock-pop tasty it almost hurts. From there, the album unfolds into a mixed bag of lilting folk, driving rock and thoughtful, shameless lyrics.
As with their previous work, the songs have the quirky tongue-in-cheek vibe, mocking and lamenting the ridiculous and dismal mistakes of humanity. But The Sticks delves into a darker grunge-folk sensibility that delivers powerful, memorable grooves while expertly dealing with serious feelings of despair at the state of modern society. Make no mistake, however – musically speaking – this album is far from depressing.
You can stream the whole album here at Exclaim! and check out the video for the lead single “Let’s Fall In Love” below. You can also catch them live across Canada on tour dates just announced today.

– Bronwyn Boyer


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