New Release Tuesday: Renny Wilson - ‘Sugarglider’

Renny Wilson is a smooth operator. As soon as the needle drops and the saxophone sounds on Sugarglider (out now on Mint Records), you’re transported to Wilson’s dream world, where groove-infested soundscapes blossom all around, enveloping you in their lush fragrances.

As the pulsating rhythm of the opener “By and By” slides into “Who Was I?”, you start to understand that this album is not a collection of songs, but a feeling that seeps its way into your pores. Dripping with sexiness, the multiple layers of synths, percussion, and washy guitars are propelled forward by thudding bass lines and Wilson’s ethereal vocal lines.

“Could’ve it Been Me?” keeps the party going and delves deeper into the album’s themes of unrequited love and the constant struggle to make something of oneself in life. On an album clearly influenced by the disco era, funky guitar skanking and four-on-the-floor drum patterns provide the drive, with a variety of spacey timbres building the songs up to become well-rounded aural odysseys. “Bound To Lose” sees Wilson poking fun at himself, something he seemingly has no trouble doing on regular basis, as his sultry photos and videos will certainly attest to.

(Photo: Mathew Laterski)

Playing nearly every note on the album, other than a bit of help from Old Ugly pals Mitchmatic and Liam Trimble, Wilson takes his personal experiences and presents them out in a relatable way that has broad appeal by laying out smooth tracks that slide their way into your playlist with ease. A true performer, his crooning sensibilities evoke thoughts of yacht rock, but he takes this tact in a different direction and provides a soundtrack for the sexiest cocktail party you’ll have all year.

Listen to Sugarglider in it's entirety on Renny Wilson's Bandcamp page.

– Tyler Stewart

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