New Release Tuesday: Woodpigeon - ‘Thumbtacks + Glue’

Coming almost a decade after their first release wedged them firmly into the Canadian music landscape, Woodpigeon has crafted a new sound on Thumbtacks + Glue, keeping constant the ethereal playfulness invoked by their name.Their 2006 debut, Songbook, captured music fans and forged a new path for emerging artists out of Alberta. Coming of age following Calgary musical heavyweights like Chad Vangaalen and Kris Ellestad, Woodpigeon has created a unique identity through the songwriting of Mark Andrew Hamilton.

Thumbtacks + Glue rings of Hamilton’s first release with Woodpigeon, bringing forward a softer but no less complex album with dark twists in “As Read in the Pine Bluff Commercial” and “Hermit”, juxtaposed with lullaby-like choral harmonies. Hamilton is adept at crafting truly beautiful songs that play with the group’s talents, while maintaining a remarkable chemistry that folds together each part, each vocal layer and each tonal change.

Woodpigeon’s charm shines through on beautiful and upbeat folk ditties like “Edinburgh”, and Hamilton’s diversity is exemplified through the heavier, post-rock musical qualities of “Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard” and the gentle building throughout “Little Wings”.

Thumbtacks + Glue winds through the lives of prairie dwellers that embrace cold, yellow ground when all that remains of summer is the shorn stubs of wheat stalks in frozen soil and a bright, achingly blue sky. Prairie dwellers that understand the beauty and necessity of those cold, bright winters that bring about soft and shimmery summer months.

There is space within this album – a nest – where Hamilton and his compatriots build a safe spot that remains warm and comfortable. Woodpigeon remains committed to crafting lovely music that feels as home in the hills of Scotland, a folk music hall in Nova Scotia or a raucous dance hall in Toronto. 

– Jenn Prosser

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