New vinyl processing plant coming to Burlington, ON

July 11, 2016

Vinyl sales went up in 2015, and while it was heralded as general good news for the music industry—and music nerds who will insist there are right and wrong ways to listen to your favourite tunes—the pressing plants needed to fill orders have been in high demand but low supply. The presses that do exist, mostly south of the border, have been struggling to keep up with the vinyl boom, and some labels have had to wait consistently up to three or four months to receive their orders. Not exactly an efficient system.

There are even less presses in Canada. But a Toronto startup named Viryl Technologies has partnered with Calgary’s Canada Boy Vinyl to help fix that problem, and they just announced they’ll be opening a pressing plant in beautiful Burlington, Ontario an hour or so south of The 6ix. It’ll be called Precision Record Pressing, Inc., and Gerry McGhee, president of Isotope Music, will be opening it. McGhee partnered with Czech company GZ to get the whole thing off the ground which, he tells FYI Music, should be ready to start production in August.

McGhee, who was also the frontman for Brighton Rock, says the goal at full capacity is to be able to fulfill orders in 6-8 weeks, which is blazing fast compared to some of the turnaround times happening right now. He also mentioned the plant will eventually boast around 200 employees, and that at the final of two phases, they’ll be able to produce 11 million units. They’ve also got plans to expand further, with two plants—one in the U.S. midwest, and one on the west coast—already purchased.


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