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August 21, 2017

If there’s one thing music fans love, it’s statistics! Well, no. But statistics can indeed be interesting and they can tell us things about our habits in concrete terms, which is quite helpful. If you’re here and reading this blog, it’s likely you consider yourself a fairly strong supporter of Canadian music, but just how supportive are Canadians when it comes to buying merch or paying for a live show? What exactly is it that we do spend our money on? Are they the kind of things that will help artists continue to do what they do best?

Some of the insights aren’t too surprising. It’s not really a revelation that most people don’t decide on a whim to attend an event like a multi-day festival or big ticket event—those kind of things take preparation, which could include anything from hotel reservations to camping supplies to travel plans. The study found that 70% of people buy tickets for live music events within two weeks of the tickets being released. It’s also not particularly a shock that 85% find the cost of an event to be the top barrier when deciding whether to attend. Also, the number of people using social media at these events, which Nielsen found to be 70%, seems a bit low, actually. Try to remember the last show you were at where almost everyone in the audience didn’t whip out their phone to make an Instagram story or a Snapchat.

But there are some interesting things to note. Touring is an especially tough gig, but maybe the best (or only) way for artists to make money sometimes, and luckily, 40% of attendees said they buy CDs from the performing artists after an event. A smaller 29%, though, said they stream the artist’s music, which seems low in a climate where streaming is so commonplace and easily accessible.

What are your own listening and buying habits like? You can check out how you compare to the average live music attendee by reading the entire study at the Nielsen website.


In Other News:

Festival Lineups:  Saskatoon’s Trifecta Block Party, Hamilton’s SuperCrawl

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