NMC designated as Gold Seal Project

Aug 14, 2014

CANA and the NMC construction project are officially Gold Seal certified. Credit: Mary Kapusta.

The site of the future National Music Centre (NMC) site at 9 Ave and 4 St SE has made several construction milestones since breaking ground in 2013. Now, NMC’s hard-working construction team at CANA Construction Ltd. has hit a project milestone of its own.
The Calgary Construction Association (CCA) has designated NMC’s new building a Gold Seal Project, a first-time designation for a CANA project.
NMC’s new building is the second facility to be designated as a Gold Seal Project in Alberta after SAIT’s Trades and Technology Complex.
“The main goal of the project is to raise the bar. That’s the whole purpose of the Gold Seal Program in general—running projects effectively, efficiently, on budget, on time, and safely,” said Jason North, project director at CANA Management Ltd. “A lot of the Gold Seal program is about changing the culture of construction, and raising the bar. CANA is a big supporter of it for that reason. “
The Gold Seal Certification Program is an initiative of CCA to promote a standard of excellence and professionalism in the delivery of construction ‎projects.
Similar to other trade designations, the program requires participating individuals and companies to engage in training, mentoring, and continuing professional development to maximize the competence and capability of the project staff.
Individuals who have met the training, experience, and professional development requirements are designated as Gold Seal Certified (GSC) professionals. Those who have registered in the program, but are still working towards achieving their full certification are designated as Gold Seal Interns (GSI). 

CANA aims to raise the bar for construction standards through the Gold Seal Program. Credit: Mary Kapusta.
CANA is a major supporter of the program and all of its supervisors, managers, and executives are either designated GSC, GSI, or are actively in the process of registering in the program.
To celebrate this project designation, CANA hosted an event on August 13, recognizing the ‎project and the crew for their efforts and achievements.
“We are recognizing that we have an awesome cultural institution that’s being built in Calgary, and the people that are involved in building it are meeting a high standard of professionalism and expertise,” North said.

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