NMC Education Team Receives Award from Calgary Board of Education

January 19, 2015

“My name is Trizia and I am a grade twelve student…I am a member of NMC’s Guitar Club and have been involved for almost three years. I first started going to Guitar Club because I was sleeping outside and it was a safe and warm place for me to go with supportive people… I have learned many things at Guitar Club. When I first started I couldn’t play. When I listen to guitar tracks now, I can figure out the guitar parts on my own. I feel way more confident and am able to speak to people. I also feel less anxious and depressed.”

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“My name is Reese and I am a grade two student from Chapparal School. My class visited the National Music Centre. I learned about throat singing…we got to dance and try throat singing This was very cool because it is my Grandma’s culture. She is Inuit. I am in piano lessons now because I liked all the instruments and the way they sounded and I wanted to play my own instrument. Congratulations to the National Music Centre!”

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The education team at the National Music Centre is honored to receive the January 2015 Lighthouse Award from the Calgary Board of Education. The Lighthouse Award recognizes an organization’s contributions to CBE students, teachers and schools. NMC was nominated by CBE’s Learning Specialist in the Fine and Performing Arts. NMC was invited to the January Board of Trustees meeting to accept the award and to hear testimonial from CBE students who were impacted by our programs.  The entire ceremony can be viewed here, including Trizia’s video testimonial and Reese’s public speech. The heartfelt comments from Trizia and Reese demonstrated the impact of our work, not just on curricular learning, but also in the personal lives of students. For more on our school programs visit http://www.nmc.ca/schools/

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About the Author

Kate Schutz

Kate Schutz is the Education Manager at the National Music Centre. She is both a visual artist and arts educator with over a decade of experience in community and museum education. She is currently completing her Masters of Education with a focus on arts-based learning and loves working with teachers to use the arts to enhance curriculum.

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