NMC’s First Teacher Open House: Candy, Questions and Consultation

October 15, 2015

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K-12 teachers meet NMC and share their ideas about future programs. Credit: Jennifer Grey.

September 30, 2015 was an exciting night for NMC as we hosted the first of many events for teachers. We had a great turn out of interested teachers and administrators from several school boards and grade levels, including post-secondary. The event was organized in an open space format—drinks and food were served (can you say candy bar?!)—and over 50 participants mingled and engaged in lively discussion about music, sound, and education. The room was divided into five themed stations: Field Trips at NMC, Engaging with NMC, Curriculum at NMC, Meet NMC, and Wildcard (where participants were invited to ask anything they wanted and suggest topics we hadn’t otherwise covered). Each station was facilitated by a member of NMC’s Education team.

Some questions were designed to help NMC best understand how to serve teachers and their classes, asking questions such as “are you interested in self-guiding NMC with your class?” Other stations were designed to help NMC understand teachers better by asking participants to describe their teaching philosophy in one word or to talk about which topics are most challenging to teach. “Meet NMC” was a fun station featuring our architectural model and floor plans of our exhibition spaces. Participants were given a sneak-peek of the design and plans for our new facility—Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, set to open Summer 2016. One lucky teacher went home with the door prize which included an NMC In-school program at his school.

Results from one of our survey questions at our open house. 

NMC is now compiling the information from the event to develop new school programs to take place in Studio Bell. This information will also be used as research content for our new distance learning studio, it will help us in designing additional Roadcases, and we’ll use it to plan more teacher PD workshops and networking events.

If you or your colleagues were unable to attend the event or if you are a teacher outside of Calgary, we’s still like to hear from you! Visit our Teachers page and complete the survey. The survey will be open for comments until December 1, 2015.

  • Do you want self-guide programs?
  • What types of programs should NMC offer?
  • Do you want to see performances, hands-on programs, or both?

If you are a K-12 teacher in Canada and are interested in being involved with our national Teacher Advisory Panel (TAP) or curriculum-specific focus groups, we want to hear from you! Or perhaps you are a Calgary-based teacher and are interested in being part of program pilots or building tours? Join our teacher mailing list to stay informed.

–Kate Schutz, NMC Education Manager

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email the Education team or tweet me @everydayatelier. 

About the Author

Kate Schutz

Kate Schutz is the Education Manager at the National Music Centre. She is both a visual artist and arts educator with over a decade of experience in community and museum education. She is currently completing her Masters of Education with a focus on arts-based learning and loves working with teachers to use the arts to enhance curriculum.

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