Nova Scotia psych-rockers Walrus have got beef with Avis Car Rental

September 11, 2017

Touring can be a slog, man. Canada is a big enough country to fly from one side to the other, but driving is another thing altogether. Halifax to Victoria is more than 6,000 kilometres. And of course, when you’re a young band, you’re doing all you can to get your music to the rest of a country with unforgiving terrain and weather that threatens to stop you at every pass. Have you ever driven through Saskatchewan in the middle of winter? It’s bleak. But saving money wherever you can really helps. That usually means eating terrible food, sleeping on floors, and driving non-stop in an effort to get the tour done as quick as possible.

Maritime psych-rockers Walrus, hardened road dogs, are no strangers to the trials and tribulations of touring. But they recently ran into a little trouble with Avis Car Rental. Turns out that the company’s “unlimited kilometres” promise didn’t, well, totally, completely, exactly actually mean unlimited. Because Walrus pushed the envelope so far that they are henceforth not allowed to rent from Avis anymore. On a recent U.S. tour, the band suffered a broken window, and when they got a call from Avis saying they couldn’t rent the van they’d booked for the next day, they figured that was the issue. But no.

Turns out, pushing 18,000 km over 20 days is more than unlimited will get you. They were put on a ‘high mileage risk’ list and told they’d never be able to rent a car from Avis again. Exclaim! asked the band where they’d be taking their business from now on, to which they responded, quite officially: “F**k Avis. Discount forever.” Walrus has a pretty bonkers tour lined up, with a date tonight in Toronto, so whatever ride they’re travelling in, godspeed, my dudes.


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