NXNE reveals some details about its 2017 edition

November 21, 2016

Last year, Canada’s premiere music industry bash, NXNE, mixed up their structure to deal with changing times. They took the Yonge-Dundas Square music programming way down to instead focus on video games, moved their big shows to the Port Lands, and minimized the club gigs. Now, they’ve announced a few details about next year’s event, sticking with the new changes as the festival moves forward.

The 2017 edition of NXNE will take place from June 16-25, and again feature the main attractions in their Club Land, Game Land, and Port Lands programming. The Port Lands will host bands from June 23-25—again with two main stages, art installations, a new comedy tent, and carnival rides—and the club gigs, featuring hundreds of acts at more than a dozen venues across town, will go on between June 19-25. Game Land, which will again take place at Yonge-Dundas Square, will go from June 16-18, and have an e-Sports competition, new video game demos, and live tunes.

With all the changes to last year’s NXNE, things ended up a bit rocky—early shows at the Port Lands suffered some low attendance, prompting some to criticize the idea to take the big shows to a difficult-to-access part of the city. It should also be noted the Port Lands are basically a giant parking lot, which translates to a pretty hot time, especially in the middle of a balmy Toronto summer. Hopefully the festival learns from last year’s growing pains and throws up a few tents for shade that aren’t limited to VIP pass holders. Keep an eye on the NXNE website in the coming months for details about programming.


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