VIDEO: Patrick Marold discusses his plans for NMC’s public art

October 15, 2014

Back in July, award-winning artist and sculptor Patrick Marold was announced as the artist to create NMC’s public art. He was chosen after a lengthy selection process, which saw 70 submissions from around the world.

On September 9, Marold presented his concept to the local Calgary community at an open house held at the East Village Experience Centre.

During the open house hosted by Shelley Youngblut, Marold described his dynamic concept, which will incorporate a “solar-actuated drone composition” using salvaged materials from pianos that were damaged during the 2013 flood.

Utilizing the characteristics of the sun, the “sound sculpture” will create tonal experiences on NMC’s “cloud” skybridge that will link both buildings.

“Over time, other artists, staff or members of the community in Calgary may choose to tune it, as well as adjust the shadow mechanisms that will be placed with the panel to create different sequences of tones,” Marold says in the video. “It’s a dynamic piece that, over the years, will only get better. Like a lot of my pieces, I’ll be releasing it at that point, and learning about it myself.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Marold’s fascinating concept.

About the Author

Julijana Capone

Originally from Winnipeg, Julijana is NMC’s senior publicist and the managing editor of Amplify. In addition to her role at NMC, she is the founder of Light of Day Publicity, a company she formed to promote the work of emerging Canadian artists.

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