Québec musicians react to Québec City mosque terrorist attack

January 30, 2017

On Sunday night, six men were killed at the Sainte-Foy Islamic Cultural Centre in Québec City during what authorities are calling a domestic terrorist attack. Their names have not been released. There are two victims in critical condition at Centre Hospitalier Universite Laval who are expected to survive, three expected to be released from the hospital shortly, and 12 who have already been released. At the time of the attack, around 40 people were at the mosque for evening prayers. All mosques in Laval are now under high security.

Two suspects, men in their 20s and early 30s, have been arrested, but police have not released their names or any possible motive for the attack. No charges have been laid yet. Police said they apprehended one suspect near the mosque. The other was picked up around a dozen miles away after calling 911.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau released a statement Monday morning expressing his shock and anger upon hearing the news:

“We condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a center of worship and refuge,” Trudeau said. “Muslim Canadians are an important part of our national fabric, and these senseless acts have no place in our communities, cities, and country. Canadian law enforcement agencies will protect the rights of all Canadians and will make every effort to apprehend the perpetrators of this act and all acts of intolerance.”

The attack comes shortly after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that bans immigrants and refugees from seven primarily Muslim countries from entering the United States.

Unsurprisingly, Québec musicians have taken to social media to express their own shock, anger, and distress at the terrorist attack:


If you’d like to support the victims of the shooting, a GoFundMe page has been started to collect donations.

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