Report on Music: Alberta Needs More Support

December 01, 2014

Graham Lessard from The Scotlyn Foundation and NMC President and CEO Andrew Mosker welcoming guests to the AMCI release event at NMC. Credit: Brandon Wallis.

Alberta has always been a place for great music.

From cool blues venues, to mega popular folk fests and the new National Music Centre on the way, Alberta proves itself to be an innovative province with a lot of musical heart.

But all too often our homegrown music talent leaves for the greener pastures of Vancouver, Toronto, or even Los Angeles.

A new 36-page report commissioned by National Music Centre with Music Canada cites the need for Alberta to diversify its economy via targeting the music/culture industry.

The report gets to the heart of an issue a lot of people have known for years: Alberta is a place of opportunity and innovation, but maybe its time those opportunities were available among other sectors, too.

As Andrew Mosker, President and CEO of National Music Centre points out, skilled workers want to relax and spend their hard-earned dollars watching and listening to great music. It’s a trend in North America, and Alberta is no exception.

And whoever said there was only one industry that holds up the Alberta economy, might want to take a peek at the numbers.

Nine of ten new jobs created in Canada are in Alberta, and while it’s no secret Alberta’s attractive job market draws young people from other parts of Canada, it’s really our vibrant arts sector that gets families to stay and prosper, further contributing to the economy.

The study lists four recommendations that can contribute to a more prosperous music industry for Alberta, all of which speak to maintaining better retention of musicians, improved attraction for private investors, and good long-term strategic planning.

The full report is available here and more information about the National Music Centre’s role in this is available here.



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