RIP-V closes, Canada Boy Vinyl to open

January 12, 2015


By now, news has spread about Quebec’s RIP-V record pressing plant closing its doors. Since making the announcement in mid-December, a new Calgary-based plant is set to open this year called Canada Boy Vinyl, and replace RIP-V as Canada’s only record pressing plant.

As Fast Forward Weekly explains, it’s never been a better time for record collectors. Records and record players have arguably become mainstream, available for purchase at popular stores such as Urban Outfitters including an entire day dedicated to the love of vinyl—Record Store Day, conceived in 2007.

RIP-V vinyl record manufacturer, en français.

To say RIP-V was successful is an understatement. According to their website, RIP-V has pressed for small and large indie bands alike, including Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, and Cœur de pirate, and boasted the fastest final product shipment in North America.

 It can be difficult to imagine why a successful shop in a successful industry would shut its doors, but according to Popular Mechanics, the increase of vinyl sales is not equal to a growth in pressing factories. Factory equipment wears out, new parts are no longer made to replace old parts, and the cost to maintain becomes too expensive. Knowing this, closing shop seems a rational choice.

There is no official news on the RIP-V website about the closing. RIP-V has already sold their equipment to a group from New Jersey looking to start their own shop.

Canada Boy Vinyl keeps a modest website, listing their location and a few job postings. The website is clearly still under construction, but will update the page early this year.

For anyone interested in getting their own records pressed, CJSW 90.9 FM has a how-to for musicians here.


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