Service Winterruption: New music fest comes to Regina

November 02, 2015

No matter how frigid and depressing the Prairie winter gets, or how many pipes freeze and how many homes lose heat; no matter how many ridiculous negative temperatures cause local—national! And international!—news anchors to say “colder than Mars” over and over again, one thing is for certain: people will decide when they want or need to venture out into the elements. And there has never been a better reason than seeing a good concert.

Regina-bred artist Andy Shauf’s “I’m Not Falling Asleep.”

At least that’s what Regina Folk Festival (RFF) artistic director Sandra Butel is hoping. Following in the footsteps (whether they know it or not) of another winter Prairie music festival—BIG FUN in Winnipeg—the first annual Winterruption will be held from Jan. 21-23. Don’t confuse it with beautiful Vancouver’s own Winterruption. The Regina festival will be a multi-venue affair, with 10 acts already confirmed so far, including Vancouver’s The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer and fast-rising folkie Andy Shauf. The headliner will be husband and wife duo Whitehorse, who are no strangers to touring Canada’s winter hellscape.

Whitehorse-2014-3-900Whitehorse will perform as part of Winterruption. Credit: Six Shooter Records. 

To try to entice musicians into getting in a van and rocketing down the nation’s frozen highways, the RFF will be working with the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon so they can offer a show not only in Regina, but hopefully one up even further north as well. Tickets are on sale now. Road trip, anyone?

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