Showtime! is back with musical dynamo Dan the One Man Band!

December 04, 2017

Looking for something fun and educational for your kids this winter season? Look no further, because NMC’s Showtime! series is back with a family-friendly afternoon featuring musical dynamo Dan the One Man Band!

What is Showtime?

Showtime is an educational series for children, which teaches them about professional artists and their work. Although these shows are tailored for kids, they are not “kiddie shows.” The goal is to expand their minds and get a deeper understanding of music and the creative process.

Previous artists in the series have included Tanya Tagaq (Inuit throat singing), Miss Daisy (a children’s musical), Andrew Huang (electronic music), and Trad’badour (fiddle music). Our upcoming presenter to kick-off our new series is…. *drum roll*… Dan the One Man Band! Dan will be presenting two shows at Studio Bell on Wednesday, December 20 at 11 am and 1 pm. Come join us for an exciting music performance and presentation! The show is included with regular admission to Studio Bell.

Who is this guy, Dan the One Man Band?

Dan has been a musical entertainer for the past 25 years. His act includes playing six—yes six!—instruments as a one-man show. He plays the drum, cymbal, guitar, kazoo, harmonica, tambourine AND sings. This man can multi-task and do it well. He loves to entertain audiences of all ages, including children who sing, dance, and laugh along with Dan. Once he gets going, it’s hard to not join in with his catchy tunes and good humour. “Don’t take life too seriously” and “Have fun!” are a couple of Dan’s mottos.

The show—an afternoon of music and fun

Dan has done thousands of shows all around the globe (except for Antarctica). He shares his love of music with children and adults alike. He doesn’t just entertain—as a father of two he composes his own music and shares messages with children about eating healthy, limiting “screen time,” and the importance of igniting your imagination and creativity by inventing yourself. He believes the arts is an important tool for helping kids express themselves and nurture their creativity. Dan has invented his own profession as a full-time entertainer and he loves what he does. He credits gumption and thinking outside of the box as tools that helped him succeed in showbiz.

At Studio Bell, Dan will give us a first-hand account of his journey as a musician and how he became the self-made act he is today. He’ll delight us with his funny anecdotes, insightful reflections and, of course, his show-stopping tunes. This is a show not to miss! See you there.

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See Dan the One Man Band live at Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, on Dec. 20. For more info on the event, go here

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Sara is a native Calgarian, born and raised. She is currently a PhD student in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Her interest is in Balinese gamelan and Japanese taiko drumming. Sara's research topic will explore the role of music in the community and possibilities in improvisation. Her main instrument is the piano, however, she also plays a variety of instruments, including the guitar, clarinet, Balinese gender wayang, and taiko drums. Besides her current studies, Sara is also a music therapist and music educator. Sara is a passionate advocate of music and she likes to share with new audiences how music is powerful and can have a positive effect on health and overall well-being. She has published two books related to music therapy, and they can be found at

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