The New NMC: Virtual Tour of Level Two Exhibition Stages

Jun 11, 2014

An Artist’s depiction of an exhibition stage. Credit: Haley Sharpe Design.

What if visiting a museum was as exciting as going to a music festival? That sense of excitement, discovering new artists, hearing new sounds and celebrating with friends—this is the approach NMC is taking to developing the exhibitions for our new building.
We’re excited to reveal this sneak-peek video showing one floor of what our new exhibitions spaces will be like. Produced by our exhibition designers Haley Sharpe Design, and featuring an audio soundtrack generously contributed by local sound designers Six Degrees Music, Productions, and Studios, this video gives a sense of that festival-like atmosphere that visitors will experience at the new NMC.

Virtual Tour of NMC Level Two Exhibition Stages.
Though NMC’s new building still adheres to professional museum standards, the visitor experience is conceived as a visit to a music festival, not a museum. Curiosity will drive visitors to explore the sounds, light and interactive activities pouring out of the 22 individual exhibition stages, encouraging them to contribute and connect along the way.
As NMC has no curators, we are also taking a radical new approach to interpretation, by building our exhibitions like the pages of a magazine. Pulling from a variety of expert writers across the country, each with their own perspectives on the stories of music in Canada—past, present and future. Content will appear in a variety of formats, and continually evolve and change on a regular basis—just like your favourite music magazines, websites and blogs.
We’re excited to build a home for music in Canada – a place where we can amplify our country’s musical stories through engaging, immersive and interactive exhibitions. We look forward to seeing you there in 2016!
– Tyler Stewart
Exhibitions Project Manager

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Brandon Wallis

Brandon is the Director of Marketing, Communications and Visitor Experience and for the National Music Centre and Editor-in-Chief of Amplify.

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