Timber Timbre – ‘Hot Dreams’

It’s been said that brevity is the soul of wit and that statement certainly applies to this album with nary a misplaced note, but more importantly, never a note used without clear and precise intention. From the sombre opening chords of “Beat The Drum Slowly” to the final decaying overtones in “The Three Sisters”, Timber Timbre continue to employ their signature method of painting a beautifully melodic portrait by building up instruments in layers, with each part adding its own distinct colour.

Timber Timbre – “Hot Dreams”
Of course, the songs are anchored by Taylor Kirk’s rich voice, which seems to penetrate deep into to your bones and shake your soul. They’ve also brought on guests like Colin Stetson to add saxophone on “Hot Dreams” (most notably, but also throughout the album), adding to the tonal saturation and making it feel as if you’re soaking in a warm bath full of honey.
You can also check out the totally NSFW video for “Hot Dreams” here.
A few numbers fit into Timber Timbre’s “classic sound” (which I’ve come to term “funeral parlour R&B”), including the picked-bass-driven sounds of “Curtains?!” and “Resurrection Drive Part II,” but they have a more rock-tinged sound than on previous efforts, showing they’re not just content to relax in an opiate-induced haze of lush production, but are also ready to rock out when the time is right.

Timber Timbre – “Curtains?!”
There is plenty of unique character throughout the album, with idiosyncratic warbles and flanges adding a distinctly analog flavor that values the real over the processed. The time they spent recording in Alberta (both at The Banff Centre and right here at the National Music Centre as part of NMC’s artist-in-residence program) obviously had a great influence on the album sonically, as the layers of extra textures are what make this a truly special listening experience. Watch the short testimonial from Mathieu Charbonneau and Simon Trottier below:

Timber Timbre artist-in-residence at NMC.

Stay tuned later this week for an in-depth look at some of the instruments from NMC’s collection that were used in the making of Hot Dreams, but until then, you can check out the Chad VanGaalen-produced, insanely trippy animated video for “Beat The Drum Slowly” below.

Timber Timbre – “Beat the Drum Slowly” video produced by Chad VanGaalen.

Tyler Stewart 

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