We asked Canadian country music stars their fave things about being Canadian

September 15, 2017

In honour of Canada’s 150 anniversary, the National Music Centre asked some of Canadian country music’s biggest stars their favourite thing about being Canadian. The responses were varied, but all touched on a common theme: Pride in being Canadian and in their role representing our great country around the world.

James Barker of James Barker Band
“It’s really cool to go (to the U.S.) and for Canadians to have such a good rep with Americans. They know us as kind people. I think it’s really cool to go down there and hear that we’re good people.”

Paul Brandt
“I’m so proud to be Canadian. I’m so proud to live in a country where we fight for people’s rights to have free choice.”

Paul Brandt during his induction into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2017. Photo credit: Grant W. Martin Photography.

Dean Brody
“I know a lot of people diss our government, but when you travel around, you see how other systems work. You realize that our Canadian government, even though it’s flawed, is still a really special place to be for the protections they give us. And also, the people who fought for those protections—the men and women who have gone off and fought for our country—I’m really proud of that history.”

Dean Brody, winner of the Top Selling Canadian Single of the Year award, at the CCMA Awards in 2017. Photo credit: Grant W. Martin Photography.

Shevy Price
“We embrace change. I hope we continue to do that and explore different avenues of change.”

“The coolest thing about being Canadian is our humbleness. I live in the States and have travelled around the world, and the first thing people say about Canadians is ‘You guys are so friendly. You’re such humble people.’ So I think we should really be proud of that.”

Madeline Merlo
“We live in the best country in the world that represents acceptance and freedom for all kinds of people. When you travel around the world and say ‘I’m Canadian’ everyone has a smile.”

Lindsay Ell
“We’re known around the world for being awesome people. It’s a pretty good rapport to carry around the world.”

Lindsay Ell performing during Country Music Week in Edmonton in 2014. Credit: Grant W. Martin Photography.

JoJo Mason
“There is no better place in the world than Canada. I’m blessed to be a part of this free land.”

Jess Moskaluke
“I love the people here. But you don’t have to be Canadian to enjoy that.”
Saskatchewan native and multi-CCMA Award-winning Jess Moskaluke. Credit: Grant W. Martin Photography.

Dan Davidson
“There’s this weird kinda unspoken brother/sisterhood in Canadian country music. It’s sort of a bond we have when we run into each other all over the world.”

Chad Brownlee
“Our celebration of hockey, we have really good maple syrup, our national animal is the beaver—that’s the most bad-ass animal you can have.”

Dallas Smith
“It’s the best place to grow up; best place to raise your kids. Everything about this country, I love. I’m  very, very proud of where I’m from, and hopefully I’m representing what the country has to offer.”

— Jenn Sharp

Jenn Sharp is a freelance journalist. Find her on Twitter.


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