Weird Canada: Babysitter, Psychic Handshake, Hoover Party and more!

In the battle of the format, vinyl prevailed over cassettes last month at Weird Canada HQ. Victoria’s revolution-rock all-stars Babysitter came full circle with a buffed-up greatest hits collection and glorious LP treatment from thee mighty Psychic Handshake. The same label found an all-too apt pairing in Krang and Shooting Guns with the pair of prairie dogs spitting red-eyed fire on a killer split single. Doc Dunn’s Tecumseh became the go-to bliss-out soundtrack around these parts, with a side dish of electronic mellow from Hoover Party for good measure. And when it came time to smash it up, there was no better catalyst than the Soupcans’ latest. Finally, our Cameo series continued with Josiah Hughes’ paean to his pop-punk past. Some might call it a guilty pleasure, but you know he lapped it up with an Alfred E. Neuman grin. – Jesse Locke

Babysitter – Eye (Psychic Handshake, Victoria, BC)

“It still sounds like DRI jamming on Crazy Horse, but the music has taken on a more epic quality, something, that in the best sense of the denim/flannel stereotype, sounds Canadian as fuck while also evoking Grunge’s greatest ideals ” – James Lindsay

Doc Dunn –Tecumseh (Healing Power // Cosmic Range, Toronto, ON)

Tecumseh is a double-dipped dose of avant-trad ecstasis and EZ listening lift-off for country-fried cosmonauts.” – Jesse Locke

The Soupcans – Good Feelings (Television Explosion, Toronto, ON)

Good Feelings probably sounds like the alternate universe zombie apocalypse Beach Boys, living in a nuclear winter California.” – Jonathan Carroll    

Krang // Shooting Guns – Split 7″ (Psychic Handshake, Edmonton, AB // Saskatoon, SK)

“Par for the course, the scorched blues of Krang gets rolled up with warped electronics, buried echo-vox and drum fills spinning with nonchalant ease.Flipside, the Toon Towners take a more traditional whack at the psych/stoner-rock heritage with ominous organ vamps leading the charge. No shoes, no shirt, no mind, no problem.” – Jesse Locke


Hoover Party – Some Liquidity For these Troubled Times (Healing Power, Toronto, ON)
“The nine untitled tracks here unfurl themselves at a languid pace that recalls Eno-era Harold Budd in addition to spiky concrete-esque filter workouts that dissolve into heavy machine babble conversations. ” – Christopher Laramee

Fun 100 – Goodbye EP (Hockey Dad Records, Abbotsford, BC)
“Twin towers Bruce and Ryan Dyck (brothers, not twins) knew what was up. The former bashed his drums with Frankenstein arms, while the latter knew that a good frontman prioritizes throwing expired Twinkies at the audience over pitch or tone.” – Josiah Hughes

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