Weird Canada: Broken Deer, Crosss, Mavo and more

Another month of dispatches from the creative cosmos of Canada. July saw a stacked selection of releases cross our desks, so here are six picks from the jam-packed crop. Click each link for the full post!

Broken Deer – Polaraura (Self Released, Halifax, NS)
“Visions of walks through frozen bogs and snowy forests play back in the form of vintage NFB footage. Gentle melodies thaw out slowly under the warmth of ancient light. Sparse piano notes loop to the textures of a natural orchestra.” – Javier Fuentes

Crosss – Obsidian Spectre (Telephone Explosion, Hamilton, ON)
“Left-handed guitarist Andy March leads this disc into the chalked-up garage for a solemn ritual to open portals between two worlds: sludge doom and punk giddiness.” – Taylor Burgess

D. Burke Mahoney – Oneirataxia (Ataraxia, Toronto, ON)
“D. Burke Mahoney’s hypnotherapeutic drones lull ears to an awakened state of unconscious, hearing what can only be discovered in dreams. Gentle swells of inhalation, decorated only by the most subtle of sonic textures, create a wholly compelling album.” – JT Stephenson

Listen here.

Mavo – Mavo 7″ (Fixture Records, Montreal, QC)
“Self-aware humour is placed on the front burner with hooky jangle serving as backdrop for lyrical/musical nods to the Fall, Velvets, and the life of an international slacker.” – Jesse Locke

Dirty Beaches – Drifters / Love Is The Devil (Zoo Music, Montreal, QC)
“The pain of experience comes at a heavy cost. Some feel better living to the fullest and suffering any consequences that may crop up, while other minds admittedly thrive in comfortable surroundings.” – Kevin Hainey

Old and Weird – All of My Friends (Director: Heather Rappard, Halifax, NS)

“Mildly Lewisian in its goshdarn playfulness, “All of My Friends” sums up everything wrong with our generation in the only way possible: booze, art and internet memes.” – Jared Majeski

Weird Canada

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