Weird Canada: Event Cloak, Zebra Pulse, Caves and more!

November has been a month of renewal for the stalwart defenders of the strange. Weird Canada saw its first, much-needed overhaul, internally and visually. To start, your humble dispatch of northernly fringe is now, officially, a non-profit organization. To celebrate this momentous change, we gave ourselves a facelift and stepped closer to full HTML5 compliance (yes, you can finally stream hours of harsh noise from your smartphone!) Lastly, we've started broadcasting in both of Canada's official languages and have a volunteer dedicated to ensuring our French-language support is continuous (thank you, Vincent Rondeau!)
While we usually use this space to discuss the creative cosmos permeating across our northernly home (with six of our favorites highlighted below) we thought we'd give all the beautiful NMC readers out there due warning for our impending world domination.
Stay frosty,
Aaron Levin 

Freelove Fenner – Pinneapple Hair EP (Fixture Records)

“Freelove Fenner’s treatise on angular beach rock is a colloquy to the interconnectedness of lysergic pop moves; hip-swayed freedom laced with sandy yayo and lisps wet with Carlos Rossi.” – Aaron Levin

Event Cloak – Reprogramming (Tranquility Tapes)

“Gliding throughout the vast expanses of a c52, he shows off a grab bag of tripper techniques from overloaded circuitry to idyllic ecstasis and an unsettling blast of shortwave in the hallowed tradition of ’86 Commercial Trash.’” – Jesse Locke

Various Artists – Bloodstains Across the Prairies (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)

“Members of the keystone province crank their amps to 17 with absolutely no nonsense, but the Toontowners are taking mad trips left and right, getting bleary-eyed and psyched-out with post-hardcore hangovers. Neither side is taking prisoners.” – Taylor Burgess

 Zebra Pulse – Endings (RDP Records)
“With warbled cassette abstracts, homemade noisemakers, an ever-growing collection of electronics and layers upon layers of sampled vinyl, this may be the group’s most ‘accessible’ record to date.” – Jared Majeski

Caves – Secretly Dead (Leaning Trees Records) 

“Pleasant, distant and kinda threatening like driving around the suburbs at dusk. Some fine bleed for the last drink before bed” – Christopher Laramee

Grime Kings – First View of the New (Independent)

“Stalwart sonic penetrations into dream-inducing corollaries peppered with Gen X vibes for the 2.0 webfed. Inconceivable catch runs concurrent through clamourous permutations of height: rock riffery, piano balladry, proto-rappery, and experimental reppiditry.” – Aaron Levin


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